Customer Service Questionnaire

As a valued client, we are keen to receive you feedback on our services. Please take a look at the questions below and send any feedback you have to our Director responsible for EQHS Chris Balderson, via email

You can simply email a performance rating to us using a scale of 1-5:

5 = Excellent
4 = Extremely Good
3 = Good
2 = Average
1 = Poor

The Comserve Group provides a full range of building services, maintenance and installation works plus other value added services. How well have we communicated our range of services to you?

How do you rate our overall customer service?

How proactive do you feel our engineers are?

How do you rate our Comserve Group Contract Manager?

How satisfied are you with the quality and presentation of our quotations?

How satisfied are you with the speed at which we provide our quotations?

How satisfied are you with our communications?

How satisfied are you with the accuracy of our invoices?

Are you aware of our online facility for obtaining your maintenance records?

Are there any areas of our operation that you think we should improve on? Or any other comments you wish to make?

Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback.  Your responses will prove
invaluable to our continual improvement.

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