Protecting the Environment and Resources

We are commited to protecting the natural environment

At Comserve we take the preservation of the environment very seriously. In order to reduce our impact on the environment we have structured our procedures to comply with Environmental Standard ISO 14001. This involves our setting targets to re-use, reduce, recycle materials and continually review and revise our performance. We successfully achieved ISO 14001 accreditation in August 2001 and have had a blemish free record since.

The location of our new headquarters was chosen to reduce the ‘travel’ impact of our staff on the environment, which resulted in 75 % of staff showing reduced travel times and fuel usage, thereby reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

We also reviewed maintenance staff’s travel arrangements in the London area. This inspired us to introduce our ‘Foot Mobile’ teams  who are organised to respond to certain site call-outs either on foot or using public transport. The result was that response times were maintained and service levels exceeded.

As a company we are also keen to offer our clients support and advice to enable them to reduce their own impact on the environment. This includes reviewing all current and pending legislation and making recommendations for the cost-effective future planning of equipment upgrade or renewal, creating and implementing suitable maintenance regimes and monitoring all building services processes to achieve the best overall solution, both short and long term.

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Environmental Policy (pdf)